Monday, October 15, 2007

My Prediction Was Right!

Knowing that Wednesday was the last day of school before Fall Break, I got up early that morning to get my orders done so that we could be ready to go to Wallsburg the next morning. Needless to say, I was still doing them when the kids got home at 4:00 and I still hadn't even showered! YIKES! So Bret calls around 5ish and says he has been invited to go to the Jazz Game (GO JAZZ!) and I say go for it! "I'll just have the kids help me clean the house (which was a total BOMB!) and then we can stop at the grocery store in the morning before we head up to Wallsburg." Great Plan!
So I feed the kids and we have a big POW-WOW about what everyone's assignment is for cleaning the house. And then we are off! By now it's about 7:30-7:45.
At 8:00, Katy decides she's going to run around upstairs with her eyes closed . . . she trips on a blanket and cracks her forehead on the corner of the desk in the girls' bedroom.

I took one look at it and knew this was a real wammy! I knew I couldn't fix this myself, so I packed all four kids into the car and we head to the emergency room. They gave her a cotton ball with some numbing medicine right when we got there but . . . Bret comes home early from the game, my mom comes to get Jenny, Tyler and Shawn and then Bret and Katy and I wait in the emergency room for 3 HOURS to be seen. WAY TOO LONG!

SO . . . as stated in the title "My prediction was right" that Katy would someday be my emergency room child. But she was indeed the bravest of them all. The doctors thought they would have to sedate her to stitch her up, but she held so still they didn't have to. So at 12:30am (over four hours later) we finally walked out of there with 9 cool blue stitches! ( and several more on the underlayer).
We love you Katy! We are so lucky to have you, but next time please remember to run with your eyes open! Once we got to Wallsburg we were immediately in heaven and could finally relax. The first day, since we got up there a little later then planned, we took it easy. We fed the fish . . .
played with Maddox . . .

and did a little R&R!
Saturday morning we headed up to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide and do a little shopping. The Alpine slide was closed, but it was the last day to ride the Alpine Coaster. I was just as fun and way faster. If you haven't been on it we would highly recommend going next year! IT'S FAST!

After all the Wallsburg fun you've got to soak in a warm bubble bath. Shawn has never seen so many bubbles. He was in heaven!
On Saturday, I headed down the canyon for my sewing class, and Bret hung with the kids. When I got back Bret headed over to Roland's cabin to help with a little plumbing problem. Roland wanted to pay us back for the help, so he offered for us to play on his new toy. We couldn't let that offer up . . . so we headed out that night on "THE RANGER". Bret wrapped us all up in blankets and we headed up the canyon. IT WAS SO COLD! But so fun! We saw so many beautiful leaves . . . nothing beats being up in the mountains with your family. Thank you Bret for the fun idea!

We had so much fun this weekend! Thank you Tom and Gwen for being so generous in sharing your house with us. We had so much fun together watching shows, going for walks, riding "THE RANGER", feeding the fish, petting the horses, cooking good meals at night, having hot cookies and milk, and sleeping all together in the loft!
Our family is Blessed!


heaps of love said...

1st. oh beana you are on tough cookie that looks like it hurt and to think you just sat there while they stiched you wow.
2nd i HATE the emergency room
3rd wallsburg is a little peice of heavin i love it up there if only i could get my hubby to love it as much as me, (mabey when the boys are old enough to go for rides and hunt)
4th did you get a carmel apple after the big ride i sure hop so cuz there is nothing better
5th no bret i dont got milk i just like a tank top every so often call me satan.

McKinnley said...

I have one word to tell you, WOW!!!!

Kim said...

Katy, I am soooooo sorry about your owie!! That was a good one. Just make sure the doctors take out all of your stitches when your done! You are brave! Looks like you had a fun UEA after all. Did you have Roland and Jane over for dinner? Your Park City adventure looked like fun too. Family time is the best! Love you!

Kymmie's Cakes said...

Ok...the cut is a little gross but Katy looks cool with her blue stitches! (Just keep your eyes open next time Katy!!!)

Looks like you guys had an awesome time for your fall break! I'm soooooo jealous!

Love you!